Platform: PS3, Move
Developer: The Workshop Entertainment
Publisher: Sony
Role on Project: Level Designer, Production Assistant

Sorcery is an action game released in 2012 for the PS3 Move.

Screenshots and trailers (C) 2011-2016 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.

Project Work

Content Designer

As a content designer on this project, I worked on developing quests, gameplay layouts, interfacing with the World Art team for propping and content needs, writing dialog, adding path quest puzzles, and developing documentation for six small zones of the main questing content.

Late in development, I joined the economy team for implementing the final form of the Imbuement quests for powering up items. I also worked with on the final implementation of the game's vendors.

In addition, I also spent time working on final bug support for three more zones of content, the two major hub cities for each zone, the Shiphand missions, and the daily quests for the Shade's Eve and the original implementation of the Winterfest dailies.



Gameplay Trailer (2012)

Storyline Trailer (2012)